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Compliance tied to employee production

The healthcare costs of compliance have been generally well characterized. Some interesting work done by CVS pharmacy tied chronic care medication compliance into employee absenteeism. In short, employees who take their medications are less likely to miss work, up to a difference of 7 days per year. Doesn’t sound like much, but aggregated for a large employer, compliance has a direct tie to productivity and efficiency.
We believe this underscores the need for compliance program investment that is tailored to how the employee needs to be communicated, which the MEMOTEXT platform provides. Read more about the CVS study at


Express Scripts as Compliance Police

Patient compliance with treatment regimens is a well established challenge in chronic disease, with diabetes, asthma and hypertension having the worse patient compliance track records.
One of the largest Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Express Scripts, will be more actively monitoring patients for compliance and contacting if they fall behind in their treatment.

What is interesting is that they will be packaging and selling to employers as a service offering.

And it only benefits Express scripts to encourage refills.

Breaking News- FDA advisory panel votes in favor of Vivus’ Qnexa

By a surprisingly overwhelming vote, 20-2 in favor.
Reporting by
But my good friends and neighbors, will the FDA accept the panel’s recommendation?
Is Qnexa really the drug that the Agency wants to have as the first obesity agent in many years? The one with the ever so slight risk of cleft-palate? I’m just saying….

What an amazing? time we live in – “watching” the Qnexa advisory panel right now

I”m following a live blog from the on the Qnexa advisory panel. There are no secrets. cool stuff.

Lilly/BI get their DPP-IV combo

The Trajenta crowd has brought their combination product to the race with “Jentadueto”, the Trajenta/metformin offering.

This adds another option to the DPP-IV combination competition against Janumet and Kombiglyza.  We have been commenting in this space that the DPP-IV platform will likely see a myriad of combination approaches in the months to come. Merck’s Juvisync the most novel, combining Januvia with a statin. If alogliptin ever sees an audience with the FDA (see various posts on the ongoing agency delays for Takeda), we may see the first DPP-IV / TZD approach. is filled with multiple studies and multiple sponsors using various combinations with DPP-IVs.  Will any competitive efforts have any impact on the 800lb gorilla Januvia franchise?



Gherkin? I meant Ghrelin……

A few years ago, the hormone gherlin was considered a pathway for obesity development, I”m not aware of anything every coming out of considerable amount of research and investment into the promise of gherlin.  Interestingly, WordPress keeps autocorrecting “gherlin” into “gherkin”, the vegetable, so if you stumble across a gherkin in this post, it isn’t  my fault.

It is interesting to note that our friends at Third Rock capital helped lead a sizable investment round last year for Rhythm Pharmaceuticals. Rhythm is beating two horses, gherkin gherlin, but this time with a gastroparesis angle, as well as a melacortin type 4 receptor, which has been explored and generally assumed to have a safety issue and was generally abandoned as a target.

I like the hubris  confidence of the scientific leadership that seems to think they may have an angle on development to outsmart what others have failed to do.   As a blackjack dealer tells you when you double down “Good luck to you”