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ACR Poster on Gout Treatment Costs

In late 2013, Aaron Davis presented his poster on Gout treatment costs and regional variations.  Contact me if you want a copy.  Slide1


The burden of poor patient compliance in CVD risk and diabetes – an M2 whitepaper

In association with our partners at MEMOTEXT, Metabolic Markets has produced a whitepaper review on the clinical and economic burden of poor patient compliance in cardiovascular disease risk and diabetes.  Click HERE to access the whitepaper.

Some important data points about patient compliance in diabetes

  • Patients with medical possession ratios less than 80% had 2.5 times the risk of hospitalization for reasons either directly related to diabetes or to cardiovascular disease6
  • Increased antidiabetic MPR was the strongest predictor of decreased total annual healthcare costs, 8.6% to 28.9% decrease in annual total healthcare costs in annual total healthcare costs for every 10% increase in MPR 7
  • Each additional prescription fill by users of older (metformin or SFU) antidiabetes agents reduced hospitalization risk by 0.3%, reduced the number of hospital days by 0.04 days, and reduced Medicare spending by $71 per refill8

Read our work. Call us to discuss.  Our partner MEMOTEXT is the best in patient adherence technology to address the needs of manufacturers and payers.




MEMOTEXT® and Metabolic Markets, LLC announce strategic partnership


MEMOTEXT and Metabolic Markets have entered into a strategic partnership, integrating MEMOTEXT’s best-in-class patient adherence platform into the Metabolic Markets’ client offerings.

“Patient compliance and adherence has long been one of the biggest challenges in chronic disease management.  MEMOTEXT’s unique, customized programs aimed at individualizing and increasing patient engagement, result in improved compliance and provide significant value to the healthcare system by reducing the overall impact and increased positive patient outcomes” stated Metabolic Markets partner Dr. Damon Tanton.

MEMOTEXT CEO Amos Adler commented, “Integrating Metabolic Markets clinical and health system expertise further enhances the delivery of MEMOTEXT’S adherence solution to patients, health care providers and payers.  We look forward to expanding the utilization of MEMOTEXT’s platform throughout the health care continuum with the Metabolic Markets partnership.”

Metabolic Markets will promote { MEMOTEXT’s patient compliance platform across its client base of manufacturers, managed care organizations and government health systems.


MEMOTEXT® integrates behavior modification, patient education and real-time patient support into the everyday lives of patients. This approach improves adherence using interactive multimedia assessment and telecommunications tools.

About Metabolic Markets

Metabolic Markets is the first strategic sale/marketing/reimbursement consulting company to focus on the unique commercial challenges in diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorders.

Metabolic Markets was founded by Aaron Davis and Dr. Damon Tanton under the belief that bringing commercial and clinical expertise together in a focused consultancy will deliver enhanced value to clients, improving access and increasing treatment modalities in the global healthcare crisis of diabetes and obesity.

DIABETES: We can’t stop it, we can only hope to contain it?

To steal a line from former Sportscenter anchor Dan Patrick, that is the feeling I have after reading some great work this week by Health Affairs and their January issue dedicated to  the multi-factorial challenges involved in addressing diabetes, from prevention to treatment.  Heatlh Affairs social media editor Chris Flemming has a very good summary of the issue, if you don’t have several hours to dive into this subject.   Health Affairs also sponsored a day long symposium on the challenges earlier this week, you can catch a feeling of the proceedings via their twitter feed HERE.

So what does it all mean?   Of all the articles and discussions, Richard Kahn’s work and comments seemed the most rationale and realistic: prevention programs are  challenging and expensive to implement, the data is mixed as to their actual long term impact, and we can do more treating the people we know have diabetes.  His comments I believe lead into the “Quality Care/ACO” discussion.  The role of Medicare bonus STAR payments for achieving quality metrics in diabetes care management and in Part D for compliance will focus on treatment, and increasingly  the private sector are evaluating these metric in making health care plan choices for their employees.


Aloha from the Metabolic Markets Blog

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