NYC Shocker anti-Obesity advertising

A few years ago, NYC subway ads featured a soda bottle pouring out fat. It was disgusting and had people talking, at least for a little while.
They are trying it again, with a “super-size” me type picture of sodas and a man with an amputation. Interesting timing of the ad launch, falling on the same day as a large Health Affairs sponsored diabetes policy meeting in Washington D.C.
What I love about the ad is the blunt force, simple connections. No small print, no caveats. Call it scare tactics and I’m sure will be responded to by the Sugar Water manufacturers, but it is powerful.
I was talking the other day that no single approach will help stem the obesity challenge and a public health push and awareness campaign will be important, like smoking. A key limiting factor will be funding. Tobacco companies were forced to pay for anti-smoking campaigns through one of the large settlements. In the case of obesity, where will the dollars to support the campaigns originate? Soda taxes continue to be controversial, and I am sure those funds would likely be raided for some other government program before supporting an anti-obesity campaign.

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