Mobile this, mobile that, do you need a diabetes app?

There is no shortage of diabetes-related apps out there.  And whenever there is no-shortage of something, that usually means there are a handful of good ones, and many, many bad ones out there.  Some are healthy habits related, some are glucose value related, some are weight loss related, in general they are all over the m(app).

I read on tech crunch that Omada Health had raised some angel funding to support further development of their prevention focused app. Omada is a spin-out from the incubator IDEO, the leading edge consumer design firm. This follows a unique contest led by Sanofi, the 2011 Data Design Diabetes.  The contest provided $10k in award to the winer, , but more importantly, considerable publicity and validation of their approach integrating behavior analytics in chronic disease management.

Despite a multitude of diabetes/disease management apps out there, there continues to be considerable interest by investors and leading edge pharma to support the best technologies.  Much like all other aspects of disease management, no one specific action/tool will guarantee success, but the rise of mobile technology provides another piece of the puzzle.  That being said, is there a role for a manufacturer to be developing a proprietary app, or is the regulatory hurdle involved so high as to remove any clinical and commercial benefit?


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