Gherkin? I meant Ghrelin……

A few years ago, the hormone gherlin was considered a pathway for obesity development, I”m not aware of anything every coming out of considerable amount of research and investment into the promise of gherlin.  Interestingly, WordPress keeps autocorrecting “gherlin” into “gherkin”, the vegetable, so if you stumble across a gherkin in this post, it isn’t  my fault.

It is interesting to note that our friends at Third Rock capital helped lead a sizable investment round last year for Rhythm Pharmaceuticals. Rhythm is beating two horses, gherkin gherlin, but this time with a gastroparesis angle, as well as a melacortin type 4 receptor, which has been explored and generally assumed to have a safety issue and was generally abandoned as a target.

I like the hubris  confidence of the scientific leadership that seems to think they may have an angle on development to outsmart what others have failed to do.   As a blackjack dealer tells you when you double down “Good luck to you”


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