Good news! U.S. is just as obese as two years ago, which is considerable

The recent update of a a Gallup Survey on Diabetes & Obesity in America provided some decent news, that Americans are roughly as obese as we were in 2008, roughly 26%.

Much of this is consistent data that we have seen for years from the CDC, every diabetes/obesity slide deck starts with the famous heat maps.

A few things interesting to me.  Colorado, generally seen as the healthiest state in the country, maintains a  20% obesity rate.

Secondly, this data did not include anyone below 18.

Thirdly, we always knew that West Virginia had diabetes and obesity issues, but I was unaware they were double national rates, which in our opinion are at public health crisis levels.

Again, much of this data is generally known, but what has been / will be done about it?

As a manufacturer in the metabolic space, what have you done to monitor legislative activity, funding flows/ political initiatives, map stakeholders and identify leveragable opportunities?  What strategically could be/needs to be done as a manufacturer to address these states?

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