The one where we get to talk about patients

Archives of Internal Medicine published online three different studies on patient education approaches, good summary by Medscape (login required).

Interesting to note that the glycemic control impact were decent, although all of the studies were generally short term (3 to 6 months), and the study with the best impact on HbA1c required the individualized, resource intensive approach.

What is the best and most cost effective approach towards patient engagement has been of debate in diabetes circles for some time.  The only thing that is in agreement is “you have to personalize the approach to the patient in front of you,” which is almost impossible to scale from a population management perspective.

Secondly, what do these results mean for a diabetes manufacturer?  A manufacturer will be constrained by FDA label in what they can say in patient education materials, but if it is designed in a manner that aligns with the approaches of the diabetes eduction  thought leaders, is their a potential for improved product performance?

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