Does Academic Brainpower + VCs = Success in diabetes/obesity?

The age old question will be put to the test one more time with the announcement yesterday that Third Rock capital was making a sizable bet on Adipothermics, read the Scripps spin on the events here.

From what I have read and heard, their science is quite advanced.  The question I have is about the potential of another PPAR, even if they are improving on the current mousetrap.  So in the years that it will take them to validate targets and move to first in man studies, where will the diabetes market be?  Generics of a multitude of classes will dominate therapy, and the potential emergence of classes like SGLT-2’s, will a weight neutral effect be valued at all?  In essence, in a few short years, will new agents have to deliver glycemic control and weight loss, not simply a weight neutral effect, even with a cleaner CV profile?  Let’s have coffee and talk.

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